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Saturday, February 13, 2016

My lent journey begins

Ash Wednesday
The season of lent is not to reduce to a season of depression n sorrow.
Now is the favourable time,  we are invited to come back to God. Come back to me with all ya heart ... The heart seems to chasing after many things except God. Our great season of great reunion,  with God n with his church.  Prayer, fasting and alms giving. Don't reduce these only these things.
It is not just these,  but rather the real spirit
A renewed relationship with God. Fasting pray and almsgiving. It is what we are doing,  but rather how we are going about it.
Recognise it as a true spirit of lent. Have mercy on us lord for we have sin. We come back to him but responding to him n love. This greatest fruit this season, is the fruit of mercy.  This is to become merciful like father. Fast for the intension of others, the prayers.  The season of lent invites us to be merciful like God. We come together as a community, all because we believe he is loving us.

Yesterday marks the beginning of lent. As I spent the whole of yesterday reflecting on what I would do as a sacrifice for God, many obstacles came running in my direction. I was lost and even bewilded as what should I do. How am I to sacrifice when I am struggling with my own iniquities?

This season of lent invites us to be merciful just like how God is. It is also a respond to God's call to return back to God from our sinful ways and habits.

There may have been many things that might have happened over the last year that brought disappointments, sorrows or even hurt. However this lent, we are called to turn back to him. Rely on Gods mercy and strength to let go of these pains. Prayer Almsgiving or fasting are ways we can sacrifice for lent. But let's not limit ourselves only to these things. There are many things in life we can do to respond to his call to love.

So after much reflection, I decided to lay all my worries at the foot of his cross. Walk with Jesus these 40 days and take up my little cross and follow him... In prayer n in love. When faced with crossroads in my life, leaving it up to Him.

What about u? How would you respond to this calling of God to return to him?

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