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Saturday, February 13, 2016


3rd day of lent

Yesterday's reading was a lesson on Humility. Sometimes in life we need to be humble no matter what profession we are in and to whoever we meet. It's so easy to turn our backs and get angry with "unfair" or "unjust" situations rather then looking at the full picture.

In Isaiah reading, it reflects on the spirit of fasting. Fasting not just in food but spiritually and emotionally fasting. Sharing love peace and joy around. Reaching out to those who needs a listening ear,  the hungry and those who may be less fortunate than u are.

In this period of lent, we are called to also learn to be humble. Restrain from conflicts, quarrels and even fights. The courage and Humility to say sorry to those whom u know u may have hurt through ur interactions we them. Let's not be like Anger.

So dear Lord as we spend this time with you, journeying thru with u, I pray o lord, that u create in me a contrite and humble heart worthy and ready for u.

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