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Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016 Epiphany

In the blink of an eye, school holidays are over. Students are packing their bags to return back to school. I am so hoping that time could stop or even rewind itself. The eagerness to meet the students yet the readiness reminds me very much of the wise men in today's reading. If I were to be called to meet Christ face to face, I too would be eager to see him but yet I may at the same time feel inadequate. I may somehow feel I am not ready and not prepared enough for Him. Similarly,  I look forward all holiday to see these little ones, but as the hours draws closer, I feel hesitant that I may not be prepared enough to be a form teacher ( for the first time) .
Time really flies...the long awaited Christmas which we prepared for has come and we are in the midst of it.. Before u know it, we would be heading into lent. Epiphany marks the arrival of these 3 wise man and it also marks the revealation of the life of Jesus entering into our lives. It's a time to stock take our lives to see if we have revealed Christ to others. It need not come in the form of standing around n proclaiming on top of our voices. But simply thru our actions, our lives itself... Has it been a reflection of Christ love for the world 🌍. Like the wise men being shown the star, we too are called to be the 🌟 star for all around us.

Pondering on the readings, I left my worries unto God who ultimately knows what's best. I would try my best to be His 🌟 and with all I have, I'll let Him lead me thru this year guiding these flock whom he place in my charge.
Go Be His 🌟

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