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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Living on the edge with Him

It's once again back to the fun times I used to have outdoors. I miss the sun, the sand and the sea. The guy behind me agreed to paddle me out to take pic of my girls... I was uncertain but trusted his suggestion. At times as the kayak suave I was unsure if we were going to capsize. But still I kept on a straight face and did what I was out there to do. That's what Living on the edge and embracing the uncertainties of life, trusting totally in God and his hands at work. This camp has indeed brought memories back and a lovely reminder of how Gods love is deeper than the ocean and wider than the sea.
THANK U for taking a pic for me @nashshankar.  U did a great job as a camp com. Kudos!!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

It's a brand new year

Week One Term 1 

This week’s reading is a gentle reminder of how my life as an Educator has been. 
  • To have confidence in God that if we ask anything according to his will, he will hear us. 
  • To serve with love the people around us even the pupils put under our charge. 

Knowing the methodology, the scheme of work, preparing the class or even simply doing up a plan is useless without prayers. All that can go wrong will go wrong. But with prayer and when done out of love, things seems to be easier, lighter and more manageable no matter how difficult it may seem. 

This week seem so long as our engines gear up after the holiday. Minutes seems like hours and hours seems like a week. So much thing to cover so little time we have. However as I take a step back after a week in school and look around me. It ain’t all that bad after all. 

This phrase struck me as I read today’s gospel, "HE must increase and I decrease.” This week started a little rocky as it is my first time being a form teacher and it sure has been fun to have this class with me. I was unsure about how I can cope with them. All I did was to leave it to God and be open to what He will do, making Him the centre of my life these week in all I do. It isn’t my first year with them but it certainly has taken a different role from before. As the days went past, these little ones have taught me so much more than I ever expected. It certainly has taught me that we should put HIM in the centre of our lives, come what may, in all things we do and be amazed at HIS wonderful hand at work. 

Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016 Epiphany

In the blink of an eye, school holidays are over. Students are packing their bags to return back to school. I am so hoping that time could stop or even rewind itself. The eagerness to meet the students yet the readiness reminds me very much of the wise men in today's reading. If I were to be called to meet Christ face to face, I too would be eager to see him but yet I may at the same time feel inadequate. I may somehow feel I am not ready and not prepared enough for Him. Similarly,  I look forward all holiday to see these little ones, but as the hours draws closer, I feel hesitant that I may not be prepared enough to be a form teacher ( for the first time) .
Time really flies...the long awaited Christmas which we prepared for has come and we are in the midst of it.. Before u know it, we would be heading into lent. Epiphany marks the arrival of these 3 wise man and it also marks the revealation of the life of Jesus entering into our lives. It's a time to stock take our lives to see if we have revealed Christ to others. It need not come in the form of standing around n proclaiming on top of our voices. But simply thru our actions, our lives itself... Has it been a reflection of Christ love for the world 🌍. Like the wise men being shown the star, we too are called to be the 🌟 star for all around us.

Pondering on the readings, I left my worries unto God who ultimately knows what's best. I would try my best to be His 🌟 and with all I have, I'll let Him lead me thru this year guiding these flock whom he place in my charge.
Go Be His 🌟