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Friday, October 30, 2015

Long Week Long Day

The week has been a long week for me... and this is a long day for me. I am getting very tired. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Life's challenges ...

What does this word means to you?
What would you do when you are persecuted or sent to the lions den to be fed to the slaughter?
How much would you trust in this almighty to be by ya side?

Last week , at mass after hearing the gospel reading, this word resonated with me. I reflected on how and what this word means to me.

I sat there and asked God " what do you really mean? What am I going to face? "
God in his sense of humor keeps quiet. But soon , words come pouring out to me.

"Be not afraid
I go before you always
Come follow me
And I will give you rest.
You shall pass through raging waters
In the sea you shall not drown.
You shall walk amidst the burning flame you shall not be harm. "

I cried at the pew coz the uncertainty pains me, the hurt I felt from the past came pouring back. But interestingly, like a comfort from above, filling me with peace, I felt the Lord's presence within me.
And Father Judes homily mention about having trust in His word and God.

Trust simply ain't about just reading the bible, following the commandments but a combination both knowledge and total faith in God that he will see u thru all things.

So my days went pass , not knowing what  come. However a bombshell hit me and left me lost and afraid of the outcome ... problems occur , many finger pointing and blaming which left me disappointed and helpless .  I was very sad felt alone and prayed to him for help.
Still days passed , nothing was resolved . But with each day that pass, I find myself having more courage to face my problems. Guess at times it is not about praying for the problem to disappear but rather the courage to face adversity in life.

I was surprise at the outcome. It was unexpected but it was a good closure.
I am also thankful for the angels that he sent to see me thru , the courage they gave for me dealing with the problems.
As the saying goes ... when God leads u there, he will see u through!