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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bible reflection - peace

In our society today is there peace? Peace is the absence of war, quarrele n fight. R We are peacfully coexisting with others?

Peace is the feeling of being loved n embraced by someone love. But we cant experience this peace if we lack the relationship with God. DO WE GIVE GOD THE CHANCE TO EMBRACE US WITH HIS LOVE? Are we allowing him to do that to us. We dont stop and reflect to let god touch us. I am guilty that I did not allow myself to enjoy his presence. I recently this year have been neglecting this God. I try but often fail. He is ever so faithful in his love for me.

Am I a true disciple of God? Do I bring God to others? To my kids and allow kids to have faith in God? Christianity calls for bringing others to God... me others n God. Am I bringing the message of hope to others esp. My kids. Since I have so much of experience with this God, do we bring the Good news to our world.