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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bible Reflection - God will not give you a cross too heavy for you to carry

I received a surprising phone call from a friend this morning. Nice wake up call but this surprise soon turned into moments of mixed feeling. HE has received the package and letter and was wondering if i had. I felt a sudden sort of happiness and sadness and worry all overwhelming me at once. Too much for an early morning greeting. I felt happy for him, coz he would have company when he is there with all my other friends who are entering. Sadness coz I am the last one in my school who hasn't gotten the package. That also worries me that "what if I am really the ONLY one left in the school? How am i to survive without my little angels around me? What would be different? Am I gonna be alone and facing all school problems alone?"

Confused as the package came so last min. My friend asked me whether he should move on in this career of education. He is unsure of the path that lies before him, the uncertainty that he would be facing. The obstacles are many and he alone could not walk this path.

I guess somehow I enjoy conversations like these with him, where he would unknowingly pour out his problems and voice his concerns. Somehow at that point, God seems to be working through me and I was just like his mere instrument. Just as I felt the conversation was going nowhere and I with all my counselling skills could not help, Words came directly from my mouth and like a feeling of warmth overwhelming me (not coz it is 34 degrees) but a gentle soft warmth guiding me in my words.

The uncertainty in life would be faced by everyone and we all want to know what lies ahead of us and we want to walk a path of assurance. Thoughts of "What if this is not right path? What if this is not what i want? What if this , What if that?" But as much as we would have always heard the words "God will not give you a cross too heavy for you to carry" we indeed should also move with confidence. But not any mere confidence with little safety nets below us but relying totally and fully on HIM to lead and guide us. Even if this is the wrong path and bad decisions in life. Fret not, coz HE is still there, no matter what choices you make in life, he will be there for you.

Just as I am about to sleep today, I read the readings of today and the Responsorial Psalm reminded me of this occasion. How HE was there for me to lead and guide me in my thought and words.

"God indeed is my saviour, I am confident and unafraid
My strength and my courage is the Lord, and he has been my saviour."

Indeed he has been and God works in many ways to show me his unfailing love. I am growing in this place and he has a plan for me.

Artsy day

start of our artsy fun Day!!
Our ever looking so young Mindy dear!
Nv short of camwhoring !!!

See what i mean!!! 

Our Lovely Nurbayah n me 
wait a min, someone is checking her out!!
makan at Haji Lane - Arab street!!

Swedish pancake for tea and a dish of swedish meatball!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bible Reflection - Serve

Would I make a difference if I were to disappear from the face of the earth? 
Would I mean anything to anyone? 
Would anyone care? 

A friend of mine whatsapp me this message this morning and threw me off by surprise. Coz she has always been a wonderful person full of self confidence. Of coz she meant tons to me but well what my reply to here is not of any importance here, but what follows these questions. 

I had a great time out alone today, Thinking of what lies ahead of me and of coz none the least shopping around. 
As I was in the train, I took out my HP and started reading the gospel. Just as i was asking myself, why am i around in this world for ? Of coz pondering about the questions my friend asked me. God decides to just slap me with 1 phrase to stop me from thinking so much. 

"For the Son of man himself came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Indeed he has come to serve and why are you looking and searching so much if everything you do is for his glory and to serve the creator who has created you. Many months ago i was so boiled down with some people questioning the God's existence and if there is really one. But well in my life , look at how many miracles he has given to me, how much love he has showered upon me. Why am I still choosing to be blind to his love. 

Serving him? How ? Well when one door closes the other windows opens. I am now happily serving his children in my school, their innocence and smile fills my every day. I may get tired after a long days work but it is all worth while. I do not know which other job can give one such large amount of happiness and serving these kids reminds me of his love for these kids. Watching them grow and correcting them when they are wrong and loving them in all times makes me feel no other than being his mere instrument. 

The words below were either written or said to me during our last week of school for the semester:
Would i make a difference if I were to disappear from the face of the earth ? 
Miss Pereira we want you to be our form teacher , you very nice to us!
Do you really have to leave? 

Would I mean anything to anyone? 
Miss Pereira, you gave us opportunities to perform on stage and even taught us how to act.
No matter how naughty i am , you nv got angry with me.  

Would anyone care? 

Who would teach us ? We don't want any other teacher. 
Would you be back ? must come to our class ok ?

Friday, May 18, 2012

My RO Farewell

The people who formed me and advice me !!! gosh !!! I am learning n Growing !!!

3 -4 Co -Op !!! 

friendly guys!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day !!

My little Cousins n me ... gosh !!! nice pic 

my  Daddy n Mummy 

Uncle Colin n Aunty Judy 

Godpa n Aunty Liz

Youngest cousins 

Chio seh!!!! 

So sweet 

Nice pic !!



Together as a family at swensens


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Somehow marking these papers just makes my heart so painful .... I dono how to describe that looking at the sea of red just makes my heart go out more to them coz simple marks these kids would not even fight for it .... Gosh! I really hope to help them ; everyone if I can but I can't. I can almost see them in future scampering for a secondary school or even poly for that matter if result continues like these. I feel at times so helpless trying my v best to squeeze marks for them z

Whao stress relieve day today !!

No more exam but

People walk pass my class tot they are still having exams ... But hell no they are doing individual crossword puzzle and top five gets a mystery gift
They were absolute silence
I love this class

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Aunty came to Singapore !! nice nice catch up with my cousins n Family !! 
so much to share so much to talk !!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Trip out to Sentosa with Paul

We had our breakfast !!! 

Taking monorail in !!!

Looking at the beautiful ships of the past ... a wonderful history journey 

Taking a train off ... to

NYDC to meet friends 

Followed by nice dinner at Bugis !!!