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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My world now

My life now is filled with dance, coffee, work and more work. I enjoy the things that i do but sometimes it is overwhelming and i am unable to cope with it. I fall and each time when i pick myself up and walk on, i am not fully recovered yet. I need a Break!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines day

This day is the most n most special in364days in the calendar to any girl out there.

Looking at the beautiful flowers my colleague have n receive... Unknowing I just felt happy for them. Coz I Know they have a wonderful guy who has been n is going to take care of them.

I spent this day at work. Mayb scared to walk out of this place and afraid to see what I don like to see. First time in 9 years am i spending this day alone. The experience is different yet painful.

On my way home from work as my music was blasting loud, thoughts of how happy these princesses would be feeling too. And the constant "check in" on FB for dinner I have been receiving.

As I tried to bury my thoughts , I thought to myself what about me. Yea what about u girl ? Where is your prince? Where is the person who once said he loves u and he would nv leave u alone ? The one who said would be there when u needed him? Was all these true or was these at the moment of passion? Do u really mean anything to him as much as u love him?

All these thought ran constantly thru my head as I came home. But I guess God has his ways of loving me. He sents Carmen To spend the time w me allowing me to realise that I am still loved.

My parents specially went out to buy meals for me n my brother this day to celebrate their love for us.

As I fell to sleep, I had an SMS, someone had specially bought me a present. Someone placed it sweetly at my door. It was a really sweet gesture.
Whoever it is thanks for making me feel special on this day