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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cambodia Trip - Last Day

I guess the best part of this holiday is the part that I went to Pailin. Every single day is a beauty in itself. It helped me to appreciate the simple necessity of lives. I start to realize that even with the plenty I have I may not have appreciated every bit of it. Yet amidst their adversities they are still contented with life.

He may not be in the best of health but he is still very strong.

This one so cute you every wonder why some of these cuties are not given a life i was given.  Why is this world so bias 

We may not be here for life but our memories will stay. Helping to colour our memories

Contented with life but yet learning to basic hygiene was an obstacle for them to be doing.

Photo memories

He look so alike to me n he touches my heart with his sincerity.

These boys are whom I laid eyes on to reach out and touch them in a Christ like way. 

Workers in His vineyard. Hoping in future he would make a good labourer of God.

Wondering when will I see those smiles again.

These 2 are so cute. Siblings and great dancers too. 

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