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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bible reflection - God is with us

Today's is the feast of the nativity of the blessed virgin Mary and in the gospel reading talks about Jesus birth and he is to be called Emmanuel which means God is with us.

In the same way as I reflect on the readings I realize that God is actually with me throughout this journey as I discern for the Exco. He knows me thru n thru that I am not the kind who would rally and ask for votes n he just places the position in my face. With the little angels n his helpers , ask me to join the NIE rep.

Well today is another day of discernment, and I truly love the time spent with him. In praise and worship.

I was actually wondering why in the world I was suppose to go to the camp coz it was for the 9 22nd ExCo to discern but well after I am here I guess the time here was wonderful I am really happy to have the company of them and praising and worshipping together . And of coz we had to share why we are here ... What motivates us ... After rehearing my motivation n theirs I feel that being here was great ...

22nd ExCo for CSA
President : Benjamin
Vice- president : Gabriel
NIE rep: Erica and Vanessa
Treasurer: Ricky
Honourary General Secretary: Denyce
Music officer: Christine
Mass Officer: Rachel
Publicity officer: Terence
Publication officer: Marco
ACTs: Jude
SPO: Adrian
Spiritual officer : Felicia
CPG rep:

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