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Monday, September 03, 2012

Bible Reflection - How do you want to serve ?

Last time God spoke to me and asked me if I am ready to serve him? This time in the reflection of the readings, he too asked me ... HOw do I want to serve him ? I really am shocked at the readings and how it is realting to what I am having in mind.

In the 1st reading, it spoke of St Paul being the preacher loved by all.. but all this came not by his knowledge but by the Spirit who gives him wisdom and knowledge and even courage to speak. I guess I am too weak as I do not know how to do the speech and I am lost at what should I say... but after reading this, I feel more calm and I know He is with me and with the holy spirit.. he will guide me and put words on my lips...

Similarly in the gospel Jesus mention how he has set the captives free and help the blind see.. this is where HE was asking me .. how do I really want to serve? I do not know but I guess letting the spirit guide me... I would love very much to help support the group in a stronger way in terms of their spirituality - NIE rap , Playing piano , etc ... I guess I am indeed leaving it up to HIM. Certainly, this run for the Exco was a shock and a unexpected one.. if it is HIS will, let it be done onto me.

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