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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bible Reflection - CSA reflection

This very day was weird coz it was my first time playing for Mass and i feel so awkward and my hands were freezing. But later on in mass I felt warmer coz I could feel him trying to warm me with his spirit.

I went for mass and than back to hall there after the time with God begins
Today is the discernment cum bonding day ...

We started with getting to know u and then praise and worship ... Gosh it is so long since I had it.

We reflected on John 15:1-17
After which Don asked us to reflect on these few questions.

1) Why do I want to join CSA n ExCo?
2) What is my greatest fear ?
3) What struck me in the passage of John

1) Why do I want to join CSA n ExCo?
I want to grow deeper in my faith. Nick has always been talking about this special place he has been and so has Colin too. I would like to serve here.
I miss God and the times we has together in 2009/2010 when I was in NIE as an AED.
I would like to have a group of friends in this school who would share this faith with me.
Certainly I wish to play for mass n improve for HIM.

2) What is my greatest fear ?
Would there be periods of dryness
That I might get distracted n overcommitted that I loose focus in studies.
Will I be able to get along with this group of friends

3) What struck me in the passage of John?
"you are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you."
"Remain in my love." - seems like he is telling me not to go away...
He has called me and I have responded. He is so faithful it I am so unfaithful and instead he has made me his "gurl.... Friend ."
He has also said "love each other" and I am starting to learn to love them . New friends

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