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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bible reflection - faith

Faith. Easier said than done..

The readings for these two days invites us to ponder on my faith and my journey I am taking with Jesus. More so in today's gospel, the question I am reflecting on is the question "how preserving am I in my dialogue with God? Is my faith in God controlled by external circumstances or of personal conviction?

Many times People says that God did not answer their prayers. But in today's reading I realized that sometimes God may delay his response to our prayers in order for us to strengthen our conviction and deepen our faith in HIM. He would nv turn down our genuine prayers and petitions when made with filial faith and love. Sometimes our prayers answers may also be NO - r u prepared to accept that in faith?

This Reminds me of my own life journey. I recall when I was younger and I wanted to teach and I would pray for HIM to give me a chance in teaching. I would nv fail to have nil reply from the ministry. In faith I accepted - surely complaining to him all the time. Somehow I know He has his plan...

Life went on and w each year that past I taught in catechism class and also as a trainer etc... I learn more skills, I started to learn empathy and patience. In this journey, he was always by my side. I constantly kept him close in my reflection n readings etc. i nv gave up (keep knocking at HIS DOOR) ...When I prayed for it this time round... I made it ... He has his plan and sometimes his plan is "no my child not now" are we ready for the answer. I can safely say ... With each year I stay as untrained teacher I see a lot more things than most people in the industry... And also I learnt a lot of things fr the trained too.

Many job offers showed up on my email ranging from accountant, stock brokers , chef , dj , events planner. But each time I prayed ... It did not seem to be "it". When people tried to sway my thoughts from teaching as an educator somehow I was nv convince that was his path for me... How do I know? Well I would really say .. Coz I communicate w him. And I am glad I have this friend by my side ...

Even till yesterday .. Till I got my result, I was relying so much on HIM as without him I totally nothing ... I could not has passed it without him.

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