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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bible reflection - Faith

Todays reading recalls the time when Jesus invites Peter to walk on water. As Peter starts his Journey to wards God, the negative thoughts, doubts and even fear overcame his being and he starts to loose sight of Jesus, focusing on his own strength.

Very often, we as humans live in our past, letting our hurts, our pain and all negativity that we encountered in the past to overwhelm us. I for that matter am not excluded from this equations. We fail to achieve greater things because we fail to focus on the one who has called us. The past failures and setbacks often traps us and inevitably prevents us from going forward. 

Just like how I am now, sitting in my hostel in the middle of the night blogging, reflecting n worrying and even pondering aimlessly on how I might react to the setbacks tomorrow and how I have always been failing in many times in my life... of coz not looking at the times when God has helped in my life.

Unlike Peter in the Gospel today, we should always be mindful that when Jesus invites us, he will provide us with the means to reach the destinations. 

In this situation, God has open the doors and kindly invited me into the teaching profession and whats more an opportunity in Music Teaching. At this point it scares me to bits coz i have an audition in 8 hours time  and I am certainly nervous. I was indeed loosing sight that when Jesus invites me to do HIS will, he will provide me with the means to reach the destination. And this reading is a reminder of that action which I should take .

The gospel also ended with Jesus stretching out his hands to pull Peter out when he was sinking. These mighty hands would also be extended to us in difficult situations and uncertain moments in our life. 

Ending my night in prayer, I start to realize and be aware of this mighty hands which would be outstretch for me tomorrow during the Audition and holding and walking me thru... the only one whom I can draw strength from. 

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