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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bible Reflection - Child's Innocence, YOU READY?

"Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.
And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." 

Todays gospel sound so easy but yet difficult. I reflected on this passage throughout my day and even asked God what at times what it means to be like a child. No no .. not childish but possessing the attributes of a child. I recalled the times i have in my contract school and I remember all the times i had with these kids... what is it that attracts me so much to them? 

It was their innocence, their spontaneousness, their unpretentious personality and forgiving behaviour that made me enjoy the stay. 

What attracts me most is their innocence and forgiving attribute... before they learn the crookedness and cunningness of the world, they are like this blank slate (tabula rasa). God is challenging us to be like them, regardless of seeing how this world works, would we be able to forgive and let things go. I recall many occasion when i reprimand my kids for not behaving themselves or not bringing their books. Stressing to them that the reprimanding was coz i was upset with their irresponsible behaviour (n not coz i hate them...) I love them enough to wan to inculcate responsibility in them... the next day they would bring their books and they have already let go of the idea that i have reprimanded them... not baring any grudges. 

Followed by their spontaneous and unpretentious actions... I recall many times asking them to act for drama on stag and even play for a particular performance, they were so willing and so excited about it. Even when i ask for volunteer to help carry things for me, to help clean the classroom or even for some leadership position, they will be so eager to help. When they do not like a kid, they show it or Even when they miss me when i am no longer there, they would show it. I recall the last day before I left the school, some girls cried and they hugged me before I left. 

God is challenging me (us) today to be like these kids... It is not easy coz we are older, seen more things and even been thru hurts that we can sometimes find difficult to let go but still God is asking us are we ready to recapture our childhood innocence so that we can enjoy the fullness of HIS providence in our life.

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