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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bible Reflection - Are you Ready?

Are you ready? I m now posted this question in my face... Today's reading shouts out right at me. Am I ready to live my life to the fullness serving HIM?
Yesterday I was aimlessly walking along with Colin and He invited me to CSA Exco Discernment. As they read out the readings, the word "Light" kept shinning in my face. All i could ever think of was the fun times I had in IHM, in TOL especially. When always we leaders would constantly say... Life is a Stage, Be It Live It! I miss all of you all... Do you know?
Well so here I am all in surrender to God, my life my offering to him. I prayed to him this morning asking for directions as to whether I should take up this role as an Exco... and as I read this passage where Jesus Said " Stay awake, for you do not know the day and time your master is coming."

Why a wake up call? Coz I have always been thinking of ways to serve and I am prolonging the time. I do not know what is in stall for me but I am for sure knowing that this few days would be a very interesting roller coaster journey.

Funny How God actually makes time available for me ... this coming election day Wednesday there is no meeting on WEDNESDAY MASS.

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