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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bible Reflection - Are you Ready?

Are you ready? I m now posted this question in my face... Today's reading shouts out right at me. Am I ready to live my life to the fullness serving HIM?
Yesterday I was aimlessly walking along with Colin and He invited me to CSA Exco Discernment. As they read out the readings, the word "Light" kept shinning in my face. All i could ever think of was the fun times I had in IHM, in TOL especially. When always we leaders would constantly say... Life is a Stage, Be It Live It! I miss all of you all... Do you know?
Well so here I am all in surrender to God, my life my offering to him. I prayed to him this morning asking for directions as to whether I should take up this role as an Exco... and as I read this passage where Jesus Said " Stay awake, for you do not know the day and time your master is coming."

Why a wake up call? Coz I have always been thinking of ways to serve and I am prolonging the time. I do not know what is in stall for me but I am for sure knowing that this few days would be a very interesting roller coaster journey.

Funny How God actually makes time available for me ... this coming election day Wednesday there is no meeting on WEDNESDAY MASS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bible Reflection - Child's Innocence, YOU READY?

"Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.
And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." 

Todays gospel sound so easy but yet difficult. I reflected on this passage throughout my day and even asked God what at times what it means to be like a child. No no .. not childish but possessing the attributes of a child. I recalled the times i have in my contract school and I remember all the times i had with these kids... what is it that attracts me so much to them? 

It was their innocence, their spontaneousness, their unpretentious personality and forgiving behaviour that made me enjoy the stay. 

What attracts me most is their innocence and forgiving attribute... before they learn the crookedness and cunningness of the world, they are like this blank slate (tabula rasa). God is challenging us to be like them, regardless of seeing how this world works, would we be able to forgive and let things go. I recall many occasion when i reprimand my kids for not behaving themselves or not bringing their books. Stressing to them that the reprimanding was coz i was upset with their irresponsible behaviour (n not coz i hate them...) I love them enough to wan to inculcate responsibility in them... the next day they would bring their books and they have already let go of the idea that i have reprimanded them... not baring any grudges. 

Followed by their spontaneous and unpretentious actions... I recall many times asking them to act for drama on stag and even play for a particular performance, they were so willing and so excited about it. Even when i ask for volunteer to help carry things for me, to help clean the classroom or even for some leadership position, they will be so eager to help. When they do not like a kid, they show it or Even when they miss me when i am no longer there, they would show it. I recall the last day before I left the school, some girls cried and they hugged me before I left. 

God is challenging me (us) today to be like these kids... It is not easy coz we are older, seen more things and even been thru hurts that we can sometimes find difficult to let go but still God is asking us are we ready to recapture our childhood innocence so that we can enjoy the fullness of HIS providence in our life.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bible reflection - faith

Faith. Easier said than done..

The readings for these two days invites us to ponder on my faith and my journey I am taking with Jesus. More so in today's gospel, the question I am reflecting on is the question "how preserving am I in my dialogue with God? Is my faith in God controlled by external circumstances or of personal conviction?

Many times People says that God did not answer their prayers. But in today's reading I realized that sometimes God may delay his response to our prayers in order for us to strengthen our conviction and deepen our faith in HIM. He would nv turn down our genuine prayers and petitions when made with filial faith and love. Sometimes our prayers answers may also be NO - r u prepared to accept that in faith?

This Reminds me of my own life journey. I recall when I was younger and I wanted to teach and I would pray for HIM to give me a chance in teaching. I would nv fail to have nil reply from the ministry. In faith I accepted - surely complaining to him all the time. Somehow I know He has his plan...

Life went on and w each year that past I taught in catechism class and also as a trainer etc... I learn more skills, I started to learn empathy and patience. In this journey, he was always by my side. I constantly kept him close in my reflection n readings etc. i nv gave up (keep knocking at HIS DOOR) ...When I prayed for it this time round... I made it ... He has his plan and sometimes his plan is "no my child not now" are we ready for the answer. I can safely say ... With each year I stay as untrained teacher I see a lot more things than most people in the industry... And also I learnt a lot of things fr the trained too.

Many job offers showed up on my email ranging from accountant, stock brokers , chef , dj , events planner. But each time I prayed ... It did not seem to be "it". When people tried to sway my thoughts from teaching as an educator somehow I was nv convince that was his path for me... How do I know? Well I would really say .. Coz I communicate w him. And I am glad I have this friend by my side ...

Even till yesterday .. Till I got my result, I was relying so much on HIM as without him I totally nothing ... I could not has passed it without him.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bible reflection - Faith

Todays reading recalls the time when Jesus invites Peter to walk on water. As Peter starts his Journey to wards God, the negative thoughts, doubts and even fear overcame his being and he starts to loose sight of Jesus, focusing on his own strength.

Very often, we as humans live in our past, letting our hurts, our pain and all negativity that we encountered in the past to overwhelm us. I for that matter am not excluded from this equations. We fail to achieve greater things because we fail to focus on the one who has called us. The past failures and setbacks often traps us and inevitably prevents us from going forward. 

Just like how I am now, sitting in my hostel in the middle of the night blogging, reflecting n worrying and even pondering aimlessly on how I might react to the setbacks tomorrow and how I have always been failing in many times in my life... of coz not looking at the times when God has helped in my life.

Unlike Peter in the Gospel today, we should always be mindful that when Jesus invites us, he will provide us with the means to reach the destinations. 

In this situation, God has open the doors and kindly invited me into the teaching profession and whats more an opportunity in Music Teaching. At this point it scares me to bits coz i have an audition in 8 hours time  and I am certainly nervous. I was indeed loosing sight that when Jesus invites me to do HIS will, he will provide me with the means to reach the destination. And this reading is a reminder of that action which I should take .

The gospel also ended with Jesus stretching out his hands to pull Peter out when he was sinking. These mighty hands would also be extended to us in difficult situations and uncertain moments in our life. 

Ending my night in prayer, I start to realize and be aware of this mighty hands which would be outstretch for me tomorrow during the Audition and holding and walking me thru... the only one whom I can draw strength from. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Bible Reflections - Transfiguration

"What matters won't change; what changes won't matter." saw this catchy phrase as i was doing my reflections and today's gospel speaks of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ. - what matters won't change.  Putting aside our worldly events and issues - what changes won't matter.

Today i saw how our GESL group got tgt and started to work ... I guess it is what it is meant that what matters won't change... we have to work tgt to achieve our goals... and what matters to us is the team working together as a family... that really means for us to put aside our differences and work to the best we can !!!

When all talents come together and work miracles!! 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bible reflection - truth n death

Todays reading taught me 2 words ... Truth n death. With the decision to tell the truth u will have to face the consequence of death:

In the past you would face the consequence of dying n persecution if u speak the truth of God like how the readings did today...

In my teenage years and even now many cases when I speak of the truth, we get outcasted, hated or even detest - coz the truth hurts. Certainly there are of coz many who thank and appreciate your Honesty.

And sometimes telling the truth also means dying to oneself- letting go of your pride and be humble too ...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Preparing for Project NIE Runway

Each of us have a different part to play !!!

Making of the posters and then the costume too !!!

Doing the costume as a group 

Yanwen !!! Whao whose flowers??

Yanwen !!! for me???

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

NIE Orientation - Teambonding

Group Bonding time and we having fun tgt !!!

Good clean fun and bonding !!!

Quiz time !!!

GM !!! tips and hints lah!!!

My group of friends 

Learning the teachers creed

Our group tgt !!!

Deciding on NIE Runway!!