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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outing w Aunty

I went out w my Aunty today... No we nv really went shopping but just went out for a day of hairstyling. She really v nice to talk to. I miss talking to her. We recalled the times when I was still an infant, how fragile I was when she took me into her arms n took care of me till I entered primary school. She also talked about how my parents dote on me so much and that I was v lucky to have these pair of lovely parents .

She waited for me to do my hair while she did hers too. She spent time talking to me and I enjoyed these times w her. I guess I was indeed lucky to have her take care of me , if not I'll be prob tortured by some evil queen.

In the cause of our conversation, she reminded me to be vigilant of who really means well for me and who are not. She also taught me to 饮水思源 (meaning to be grateful to all those who have helped me) indeed this women has wisdom and many of which came w years of experiences and wealth of mistakes along the way too.

After the whole day I took a train back home ... Like sitting in a time machine.. I was brought back to serangoon and back to reality. But I guess this time I see things differently. I know who and what are the most important people to me alr.

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