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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movie review - Grace Card

I just got a new tv in my room and the first show i watch was GRACE CARD

I just finish watching a show - grace card. It was an amazing show on how a father (policemen) who lost his first child to an accident harbors the hurt within him. He Starts to set expectation on the second child and demanding things of him. Soon after the second child grew up into an adolescence n rebelled against the parents and started to steal. The father shot him inquire trying to steal from a store. The father finally comes to his senses - with the help of his friend - of the many years of trying to fight Gods help and healing.

This story has indeed taught me alot of things:
1) As a teacher to a student or a parent to a child: one child is unique from to another. Setting the same expectations would mean to limit the exploration to their fullest potential.

2) As a colleague another: no matter what situation u are always learning.

3) As a child of God: we are always placed in situations for a reason. Be it to be learning what God wills for us or being His instrument for others. I also learnt FORGIVENESS. How sometimes it would take days ,months or even years to forgive someone ... But letting it go and letting God do his JoB to heal u is sometimes all u need. Why carry the burden all by yourself ?

4) As a child to my parents : sometimes parents need us more than we expect our insignificance in our lives. Many a times they just need us to say some nice words to them to keep them going on. Respect your parents coz they were the ones that brought u into this world .

5) As a counsellor to client: listening is very important. Even if first session they are unwilling to speak, it's alright , soon enough the silence will be broken. Sometimes people are just too broken to speak of the Hurt they are feeling.

6) As a viewer to the show: a great plot with some missing pieces but with many great values to impart to any viewer. However violences may not be suitable for children below the age of 13 yrs old.
In this show there was a GRACE CARD - the prop mainly used.

On it wrote :
" I pray for you everyday , Ask for forgiveness, Grant you the same , And be ya friend always "

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