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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 2 - KL

Woke up early for breakfast ... Could sleep no longer ... So we went early for breakfast.

We went KBOX and Gosh it was a fun time there an then went for movie.

We ended the day w shopping at berjaya time sq ... Bernard and Matt went for amusement ride on the indoor roller coaster while alan and the babes shop their lives away.

We met back an hour later with our achievements. So much of fun just shopping but thanks to Alan for looking out for us, none of us got lost in the process. Great job.

When we met back the two boys were way too giddy - hungry or coz the roller coaster took a lot from them. But this day ended very beautifully as we sat at the lounge listening to music after many rounds of card playing. The boys came to crash our room when we tot we were going to sleep but the company was fun and nonsensical man !!

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