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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bible reflection - Corpus Christi

Today is Corpus Christi and it is so funny how i was do attracted to the smell of the incense as i make my way into the church. Like a certain perfume smell that ya teacher / boyfriend sprays.

Todays homily i found it too very close to heart. Father spoke of how some people Find it difficult to believe in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Even the last few encounters with my fellow Christian friends they also spoke of how it is just the symbol and not the real body and blood.

Why do they not believe ? I would always leave the table wondering and also ending w a prayer softly in my heart. The question comes around when there are doubts. Doubts comes about coz we don't see the changes. We think that it is just a wafer or a piece of bread nothing big. It also goes against pure logic, there is nothing tangible for one to believe at all. This also leaves me thinking - if the Eucharist is nothing but a piece of wafer why in the world do people go thru so much trouble to STEAL our CONSECRATED Eucharist ?

In this world , many people can tell us there is a God that exist and all christians and followers of religion can understand that there is a god coz all this can be don with logical reasoning. But We need to add faith into our Christian reasoning. This my friend many people are not able to do coz it doesn't make logical sense to them. They sound stupid and illogical an would not sit well with what they believe.

Jesus said to Thomas when he doubted :"Blessed are those Who do not see but yet believe"

Eucharistic miracle also show how wine changes into blood and bread into fresh. This miracle is Not just by accepted by the church but also Accepted by science. Surprising isnt it? The lanciano miracle 1300 yr ago is still present in roam. It is this same miracle that kept my faith burning each time people places doubt in my faith. In 1971 - hospital lab test done on the flesh and it was found to be the "Heart" tissues and many said that it could be the heart of Christ bleeding for us. And the blood was said to b that of type AB

Scientists have tried to explain but still phenomenon but till today they can't

So than this should change the perspective of how we see the mass. When we Come to mass we are entering the whole idea solemnity n unity of HIM. And when we partake in the Eucharist, we acknowledge his power and his mercy that we say to him...

"Lord I am not worthy that u should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed"

This day i pray for all you out there and even myself that Christ will be in the Center of our Hearts , Center of our Faith and Center of our Lives. That our every word be done Always in his image n likeness and our action Always loving , alway adoring n always imitating him .

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