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Sunday, April 08, 2012


Watch this and it is amazing how some christians, who's do not believe tat the consecration is important, are saying that the practices of the catholic church - Consecration is important and vital part of the mass.

"reading this text in the bible, romans at that time and actions the of Jesus without knowing the background of the situation at that time, is like reading the diary of Anne Frank without knowing the background of holocaust.  

It also talks about how the bible books were chosen. Many of us think that so many books were written in the past and how come the catholic choose only this and not that for the new testament.
This is when i realize that the basic (not the only) of choosing the bible are:
Firstly it has to be Ancient - during the time of Jesus
Secondly it must be written by a companion of apostles or the apostles themselves
Thirdly it must be able to be use for christians all over and not only for that time/period
Fourthly, the text must tell the line of Jesus and must not contradict the others

They talked about Thomas (doubting Thomas). He seems very much like most of us on Earth, filled with Science ready to prove ourselves that he is not real. Doubting of his real existence. But When meet Jesus he did not yet believe and Jesus asked Thomas to touch HIM. It is also Jesus subtle way of telling Thomas (and us) that Thomas go ahead and touch them, use science and convince yourself that I am real.

It also talks about Why do Christian know so little about the 40 days etc. Enjoy it and Have a blessed Easter

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