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Friday, April 29, 2011

Trust Me!

If you walk along the road & you meet some random person who asked you to trust him, would you ? Or probably if your computer keeps dying on you & you have been staring at it for hours, & here comes along your younger sibling who ask you to trust him / her, Would you ? What does it take for you - in this age and time - to trust someone?

An Ironic thing question came to me, Why do we need to gain trust from others? Shouldn't trust be already given to the other party instead of us looking to gain it? I do remember how my grandparents used to leave the house gates open in the "kampong singapore" for people to pass through whether neighbors or not. But now, if ever people were to come into our courtyards, or knock on our doors to borrow a toilet, our heads will be wondering "Should I?Should I open the door in the first place or act as though I am not at home or Should I let him in. But than what if this guy is a terrorist, burglar, or psychopath"

In this reading , Christ is asking us to just trust him, whole - heartedly, let him be the captain of your ship as you sail through life. Even when the waters get choppy, the storms cloud sets in, he will be there for us, taking us thru life.

I know that Godson didn't really feel very happy Today but i recall a song which I always played when I was down; STILL

"In times of Challenges, don't rely on your own strength but on the strength from the Love of HIM.
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
I know you can pull through this year ! Coz We ALL have faith in you.
Trust in HIM, know his power & find rest in him. No matter how tough the road maybe, he will take you through !"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflection on Bible - Pentecost

I Saw a Ghost !

Just a random tot, How would it be like if someone you know had passed on in life; than suddenly appeared to you? Scary? Unbelievable ? or close all the doors & put loads of Holy water around the house ? or maybe for some Faint? I guess for me, I would be in a state of denial. I would also not believe that this person was real & ask for prove.

In today's Gospel, Jesus Appeared to his Disciples and said " you are witnesses of these things." At that point in time, I guess any human would be dumb founded; I guess these people would also be peeing in their pants man! but you know what. All these aside, the truth prevails, we are to be his witnesses. We are all baptized into his community, we are to love & care for one another. Not just those who love you, but those who are hardest to love.

This calling is a highest calling for man ! How can you be his witnesses; what if later people say you "siao" how ? But none the least the disciples did as they were told.. And just like the disciples we too have to witness to his life, death & resurrection. Carrying his cross is never easy. Being his witnesses is a challenge, you might face death any time & anywhere.

So how have you been a witness for Christ today?

Today is Renee Claire's Bday & Kenneth's Birthday I guess I would just like to take this time to wish them a Happy Birthday & that God will continue to cover them with his Eagles wings as they witness to HIS people.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road to Emmaus

So fast it seems for time to pass us by ... before we know it... EASTER has came and gone. I went for mass with Nick and Ivy on monday. And also for confession. Like I mention in my previous post, I feel v guilty for not doing much for him. But when i was in the confessional. As I was confessing my sins, I felt overcome by peace. I dono if he was talking to me but it sure was true that i felt him say "my little one, I am still here with you"

These words touche my heart n made me feel so calm as though i need not hold on to this guilt of mine and these burdens of mine ... he has already taken and paid it all in full.

And As I was doing my reflection today, I just recall on when this passage was read in 2008 or so , at a Sec 2 camp ... I read this story to my sec 2s. I also recall how HE has been journeying with me in my life. When i tot he was gone & I was a let down , He still took my hand and walk with me thru this road of life. He has always seen me thru my work, my relationships, in church and even my friendships.

What about you ? have you seen him ? or have you heard or felt him near you recently? for all those people who are feeling a little spiritual low .. don ever feel sad when he doesnt seem to answer your prayers .. coz trust that he knows and he is hearing you. Just hang in there.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The gospel reading of reflection today was the gospel where Jesus made the deaf hear n dumb speak...
I was having a rite of Opening with my god daughters when this passage was read.
The act of jesus Opening the ear n mouth is the basic truth ... So that we can see n hear than what god has for us and what we have to offer GOD ... Lastly also how we are Called to live the life.
It is so easy to say, but how many of us actually use our basic senses for the good n glory of god? Many of us are guilty of the fact that we use our tongue to scold, to curse, to spread rumours , our eyes to view at the negativity of this world and our ears to hear the gossips.
Ooo so than what should we do ? The best we can do is to reach out to build people up and not tear them down.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Have you ever wondered why the Good Friday Service is always so super crowded? Time and time again, it occurred to me. IT didn't bother me much but mostly it is just a little tot of the day. But today I just cant help recalling a wonderful service i had today. Nope it was not coz there was hot guys in church, not coz it is flooded with Fast hyped up songs. But rather it is coz i had a good reflection time with the Lord . i personally felt very guilty .... Nick had his lenten prog STAY for the period of lent which i tot was v nice n each time i am so encouraged to try to read the bible that day or even a verse, but the Spirit is willing but the flash is weak. And so fast 40days ~ in a flash it is all over. I felt super guilty coz i could hardly really recall what i DID for HIM.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The one who created me & made me who I am today !

The one WHO LOVES ME SO MUCH !!! the one who brought me up this far! my family !!! & trust me, they are the best parents u ever find... I wouldn't trade anything in this world for them. I LOVE YOU ALL!

My Brother forever torturing my stuff toy helping me relieve stress from School work !!!!
Thank you & I love you

Paul n me - I guess i wouldn't have done it without you ! Hours you spend reading through my terrible drafts after drafts & burning the midnight oil ... just for me... Thank you !
Nadiah! We did it , hours of slogging attachment n midnight oils.. We did it!