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Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflection on Bible - Children

Have you ever carried a child in your hands and even at times fumble coz you do not know how and which way to carry them or even worry that you're too boney and they will not feel comfortable? I have !! When my Godson and God Daughter came to birth, I tried to carry them, But i was scared... I was scared I might drop them, I scared the way I carried them might be uncomfortable for them. The life in my hands was so fragile and needed so much care. But despite all these, I had a higher worry... how am I suppose to be a Good role model to them?

Today's Gospel spoke of Elizabeth was going to be bearing a child in her old age. At first when reading this passage, I thought to myself, about how it was going to be difficult for her coz she is old, what would happen to the child if the couple had passed on? What would happen of the child? Who would guide and lead him? All this questions ran through my head and also how could this even be possible for her in her old age conceive a child and not be at risk of a down-syndrome kid.

The more I reflected the more I recall about my life... I have always wanted to be married at the age of 21years old and have a kid of my own by 22 years. Firstly so that I do not have a large age gap with him / her and I can see them grow up till they are much older and I can still spend retirement seeing them work/ married and have kids of their own. But I guess HE has HIS plans for me. I didn't manage to get married at 21 years but neither did I have my own kids at 22years ... But God in his own sense of humor gave me a not just 1 child but a whole class-full of children. Yes to me these kids are my babies and I have seen them grown up. They are none other than my current form class 4T1. In my 1st year in this School I was teaching them IT lessons as a trainer and I saw these kids as they grew... though not their form teacher at that point, I held a strong sense of attachment to them. 2 years went by and finally I became their form teacher in Sec 3 - Sec 4.

Watching them grow up, go through relationships, friendships, it is as though watching my own babies learning to walk and bringing them to school on their 1st day of school and watching them make friends and coming home making sure they study and do their homework.

I may not be very old now but I certainly feel like these babies granted to me by HIM has made me proud... Coz just like any parents seated behind them today, I saw my kids Pass through Sec 4 and moving on in their lives. Yeah life from now on is going to be on their own, they have their Family there always but they too have to go out to look for survival.

Today as I sat on the chair watching each and everyone of them coming up to collect their results, I felt as though I am too at the same time passing them the "KEY to LIFE" I'm Happy for them at the same time Worried (like all parents) But I am going to trust them to do what is right in their lives.

ALL THE BEST BABIES & no matter what happens, you would always have HOME to come back to!

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