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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Ladies night of the year !!

It was a wednesday night !!! Enjoying ourselves in Triple One and We were suppose to be catching a show but hmmm i just wondered where the show went when a phone came in to ask us for a nights out tgt. It was as though a test of patience.. everywhere was pack. We tried zouk...it was massive and we tried butter... it was just as massive.. But somehow we managed to find someone who would let us in on the queue.

Hmmm ironically... i got a different chop to a diff room and I was rejected into the room. So thank God I had Gab who queue again with me for another time... if not i think i would be all alone in the other room. I had a fun time with him and all the wacky things he did ... Gosh! he was like an energizer bunny high on cocaine! Gosh and it was the 1st time ever I was drag unto the platform.

Party the night away it may seem but I guess what meant most for the night was the nice company wonderful friends and a whole load of celebrations.  Thank you everyone for your company. Thank you Nick n Gab for shielding me from unwanted people.

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