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Monday, December 05, 2011

Kukup Trip - Day 1

The readings today talked about a paralysed man who was being lowered thru the roof by his friends to get to Jesus. And 2 other things followed the passage - the ability of Jesus to forgive sins and the inability of the scribes and pharisees to recognize the Presences of God in Jesus.

In the past, sins and sickness were perceived to be related. Sickness, especially something chronic, like paralysis or blindness or laparsy were often presumed  to be the result of or punishment for sins. So if Jesus could totally remove sickness, it would also mean, the sin that caused it, could also be removed. So in other words Jesus can removed sin. Therefore the healing power of Jesus extends to every part of our being - body, mind, heart, our relationship with others.

So as Christmas draws nearer, let us ask ourselves, are we ready to be treated by Jesus, the Divine Physician?

This very day, I learnt a lot of things.

Unlike the Scribes and Pharisees, who would constantly think that they are right and high up there I Learnt to be willing to learn from the young, to be open to what they have in store for you. This day, thanks to these bunch of young friends, I have officially learnt how to fish. They taught me the techniques slowly, step by step and they even made sure I was not going to get hurt in any ways. Their care and concern was genuine and real to me.

Similar to the Scribes and Pharisees, who are lawyers and teachers of the church, I am also an educator by profession. But as educators, we may not be all the time right as much as we have knowledge and sometimes our students bring about more than textbooks can actually give. My students taught me the skills of fishing. They may be at times playful and inattentive to the teachings but when it comes to all these out of the textbook skills, they are experts and we should nv be shy to learn from them. Coz now i truly enjoy it.

I also learnt patience. Fishing is not a 5 mins or 20 mins hobby. (although i can't help but keep towing in the line) It is a true test of one's patience and according to them, one can wait up to 1 hour or half a day for a good catch. In the end I just let the line be there till I see it moving.

I also learnt to improvise... as much as it doesn't always work but it doesn't help trying. We had no bait hence, we used bread and we had no kite to fly but seeing them dance to the music and groove to it with Disco spotlights just made me realize how creative these people are. 

Most certainly we went out to other places today and I also enjoyed the company of every one around and to be embraced by their fun.

I learnt how to plant pineapples... Whao I do hope the plant would come out great... and you know what... when i wanted to get my hands dirty and planted these plants... Adnan was so nice and keen on helping me plant it tgt. Thank you for your help for creating the hole for my plant Adnan.

Trust me Lunch was also a great learning experience for me... The picture above shows a bunch of hungry people charging for food. Honestly it made eating so much more fun. We need not always be civilized and wait for each other to start CHARGE AH!!!!

we went hiking too... The guide showed us the Mangrove swamp ... Oh man something i always see in textbooks and not i see it live.. with roots above the soil and breathing roots spouting out .

A Beautiful group pic tgt.. with the sea at the back of us... I miss this times tgt.

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