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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dubai trip - Day 5

Sunday 10 December 2011

I must say I am so proud of my achievement today. I made a promise to wake up early for the sun rise n I kept to it. As I gazed at the beautiful sunrise reminded me of the beautiful new day that He has bestowed on me and giving me the life. Certainly the morning breeze in Dubai was very cold and it doesn't help having slept in an air-con room the night before. But soaking in the breeze, I just sat there in the open just enjoying every min. of it.

We went for the Sunday morning mass 9am at St Mary's Church. At the beginning of the Mass, 2 sentence that struck me to most.
"The savior of the world is coming. Are we ready to Allow him in ?"

Henry Moore was an English sculptor and artist inspired by the works of Michelangelo. His sculptures are normally seen to have hollows (or pierced) inside of them. It was because during winter, when Moore was young, he would be made to go into the cellar to get coal. Having the fear of Darkness, each time he goes, in he would be looking towards the light and when he could come out into the light. And hence his sculptures were made to have these hollows in order to allow the light to penetrate in. 

Similarly in the gospel today, in order to put allow the light to enter our lives, we need to put away words of darkness, allowing the Light to take over so that All that is dark disappears. As we go about our day, we need to realize and be aware of what are the Works that not of the spirit, and we should not  do it.

In our lives we have seen our Christ presence, thru our family, thru our own life experiences... how a baby who has less than 50% chance of survival even thru a surgery and able to live on her life.

Some of you even may have been to the holy land or even seen all miracles around showcased in galleries etc. So than as we draw closer to the coming of Christ, let us also ask ourselves with all these in the world how can we Learn from what we see and allowing us to be witnesses of Christ in our lives?

It is my last day and I am on my way home to see my love ones but the queue makes me anxious to want to get out of it. but the time spend just chatting with my family, seems to make it go faster. Little did I realize I am in front of the queue and we have been standing for 1 hour which only seem like half and hour. 

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