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Friday, December 09, 2011

Dubai Trip - Day 3

Sinking my hands into the soft sand of Dubai and carving my way through !!! 

At the Bush al Arab where my family and I just simply enjoyed the scenes from afar. It used to be the Tallest building in the world till Taiwan 101 building took over.  

The sand is so soft than non of it was left on my shorts or legs once I stood up!!! 

A beautiful world tat any Girl would want to spend their life in ... Atlantis Theme park n Hotel

Want to buy some Gold ... "give me your credit card & I can give you GOLD BARS"

The Atlantis Hotel behind us and I notice the architecture of most of the building in Dubai - mostly in the shape of a spade. 

Manage to capture the sun set in the desert. Try getting yourself lost here... GOOD LUCK TO YOU

I made 2 new friends... so cute right!?

See the North Star that lead the 3 wise man across the reset... I climbed to the top of the sun dunes and sat there for a beautiful pic !!! 

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