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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dubai trip - Day 2

Thursday 8 Dec
Immaculate Conception of the blessed virgin Mary

What would u do when u have some unknown figure appear in front of your eyes? It can float and disappears as and when he likes ?
Would u freak out ? Would u hide or run or wen take the crucifix to place it on front of the "thing"

And what would be running thru your head if he says he is sent by God and has a message for you?

From young I have been asking myself if ever an angel or some "thing" appeared in my eyes what would I do. I guess I would certainly be freaked out ttm coz in this age and time seeing such thing happen is problem coz u are going mad or seeing things - hurry must go see a doctor or go IMH.
However there would be a side of me that many would agree with me that it would be also b a privilege to have Gods messenger come down to talk to us.

Today being the feast of the Immaculate Conception, I reflected on Mary's prompt respond of "yes" to Gods invitation as a model of faith for all believers.

Nowadays how many of us would take a leap of faith into things? It's all about calculated risk, returns and benefits etc. Mary however, believed in Gods promise though it seemed impossible. Her trust in God is something we should model after.

During this period of advent let's emulate Mary's respond to Gods will with the same willingness, obedience and heart-felt trust as Mary did. Of coz certainly when God commands, he would also give us the grace, strength and means to be able to respond.

I went to the mosque in Dubai more than I visited churches during the trip, but it made me appreciate and understand the Muslim religion more.

Honestly these Shek (Rulers or King) are really rich and they own palaces like no tomorrow. Sometimes it does make me wish I was a rich Shekah (princess) who would also have my own car, palace and my own land... However the reality of being a royalty is that you loose all your freedom to do whatever you want (shopping, movies, swimming, beach outing etc), whenever you want (today, or next week... no need to even book appointment or a truckload of security following behind u) with whoever you want (friends, guys or girls, make new friends and need not be royalty also can go out). 

 Walking thru the museum, I was only given 20 mins to view and I came to realize that compared to SG, they have a little history to begin with and it also teaches me to appreciate what the leaders of SG has done for us to make SG where she is today.

A whole market full of GOLD.. never seen before but honestly with this amount of Gold, they sure can help those less fortunate in the world and provide for their lifetime.

Night road and scene and I love how i took this picture.. but what lies behind it is the ability of everyone to own a car and richer ones own sports cars... and being even caught in a JAM would be a beautiful time coz... Look behind (Porsche) Look beside ( Ferrari) Look in front ( BMW sports). It made me want to live here a lot but thinking back on the 8 mth of hot summer (50 - 54 degrees) I don think I want to.

Our night dinner was dinner on a cruise ship... it was a time of bonding, getting to know each other but both me and brother ran to the top deck n just chill out. Wind was chilly but yet it was such a nice time just talking to my brother and the sibling time was more fun than talking to random people (who might be condemning the gvt)

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