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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dubai trip - Day 1

Dear readers of my blog, recently are u burdened ? - is there anything in your family , anything in your workplace or anything in your community ? How have you been feeling lately shouldering all these burdens ? Have you shared it with anyone ?

Today's gospel struck me as I reflected on the passage :
"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest."

So often we run to Christ for help, pouring out our sorrows pain and suffering an even at times blaming him for our sufferings but I recall someone once told me , "u know! People very often forgets the second part of this passage
"Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you will find rest for yourselves."

Yes if we go to him, we will have no more troubles, no pain , no disappointments . There would definitely be "yokes" you will need to carry but he promises to carry them with you. People always ask, "if god is there , why cant he take my problems n pain away?" Jesus nv promises to take away those pain, but what he does is to help us through our difficulty or challenges in our life.

Honestly if life without pain, without failure or disappointments , a life without difficulty or challenges would be a life not worth living at all. Coz without failure and disappointments, u will nv know how to appreciate n enjoy success. Without pain would mean u will never know how life to appreciate the bed of roses u have in front of you.

The challenges of life are neccessary for us to make us grow, mature and become stronger as a person. It certainly is easier to bear it when he carries with alongside with us. And because we have gone thru wat it is like to be in those situations or have experience of our own, can we also help other thru their difficulty too.

Having known Sean for coming a year, the path has never been a bed of roses and easy but with each step we take, it not only brings our friendship closer but it also brings Christ closer to him. Coz with each of our arguments, debates and discussions, it was the Love of Christ and forgiveness Christ has taught us that allows us to forgive each other and move on - at least for me it is this way. And I use to have friends who would send me off no matter how near or far I was traveling and this time, this lovely young fella came to see me off, which made me realize that all we have been going thru is worth the trials and testing.

Recently during con camp, I shared during my session about how we are all created by love, for love and to be loved. So let's all help one another thru their toughest moments, so as to be a light of Christ to those around us just as they were Christ light for you in times of need.

In my life 2 very lovely people helps me constantly to overcome the trials of my life and these same two people are created by HIM and put in my life to love me and show me how much God loves me.


My Lebanese Food ... i am kinda not use to their spices though!!!

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