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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas - Presents vs Presence

What does it mean to people? Is it a time for endless shopping and spending? A time where their  year end bonus are coming?  Presents coming in all sizes - Big ones, small ones and . Presents , presents and more presents.

What does it mean to celebrate Christmas? To exchange gifts and give gifts? Where Christians around the world go for service or Mass? or is it about decorating Orchard roads with colorful lightings? OR is it about CHRIST for whom without HIM this day won't come about?

But what does Christmas means to you?

As usual family and friends came tgt to celebrate this once a year joyous  occasion. I guess I can't help but feel ever so happy to have all my family sitting around occupying all the rooms in my home and just simply enjoying each others Presence. 

Every year it is nv a short coming of cousins asking me what I would like for Christmas and it is such a sweet gesture. But somehow this year's christmas seems to be different. A little short of something. Probably this year I am short of someone who would love and manjah me and spend time with me in the house from 12 pm - night. 


Certainly as much as I wish for certain things to go my way none-the-lease, God has his way of loving me, my friends who came just made my life a perfect paradise. 

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