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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kukup Trip - Day 2

Reflecting back on being in a foreign land, Kukup, to be lost, disoriented, and without a sense of direction is one of the worst fear we can encounter at this point in time. What would we give then to have a guide who would show us the way to safety and security, the way to go home and to our family?

Scripture today used an image of a shepherd who cares for his sheep as how God is like. God promises that he would personally shepherd his people and lead them to safety. I recall someone asking why the image of a shepherd. Here is scripture we talk about the shepherd because in those days it was a job that most people could relate closely with. And normally, in those days shepherds would send the sheepdogs to lead the sheep and the shepherd would follow behind ... but here in scripture, this is not that kind of a shepherd but a God that will be leading (right in front) leading his flock and bringing them to safety. 

That is why God sent his only son in tot he world to restore love, compassion and peace. Jesus here is describe as the Good Shepherd because he will lay down his life for his sheep - braving the obstacles lying ahead before any sheep passes. 

This same Good shepherd would watch over every step we take but the question would be ... Do we listen to the voice of this Good Shepherd? Do we follow the path he has set for us ? 

We can first start off this journey but thanking God for all we have ....

starting with the morning sunrise ... that just looks beautiful and I thank God for a wonderful beautiful scenery to be able to wake up and see.

I would also want to thank God for a wonderful class to be able to journey with them all the way till Sec 4 and being their Big sister n listen to them. There maybe many hiccups on the way but none can replace the wonderful memories we share tgt. 

Certainly for me .. to create me for who i am. 

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