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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Ladies night of the year !!

It was a wednesday night !!! Enjoying ourselves in Triple One and We were suppose to be catching a show but hmmm i just wondered where the show went when a phone came in to ask us for a nights out tgt. It was as though a test of patience.. everywhere was pack. We tried zouk...it was massive and we tried butter... it was just as massive.. But somehow we managed to find someone who would let us in on the queue.

Hmmm ironically... i got a different chop to a diff room and I was rejected into the room. So thank God I had Gab who queue again with me for another time... if not i think i would be all alone in the other room. I had a fun time with him and all the wacky things he did ... Gosh! he was like an energizer bunny high on cocaine! Gosh and it was the 1st time ever I was drag unto the platform.

Party the night away it may seem but I guess what meant most for the night was the nice company wonderful friends and a whole load of celebrations.  Thank you everyone for your company. Thank you Nick n Gab for shielding me from unwanted people.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas - Presents vs Presence

What does it mean to people? Is it a time for endless shopping and spending? A time where their  year end bonus are coming?  Presents coming in all sizes - Big ones, small ones and . Presents , presents and more presents.

What does it mean to celebrate Christmas? To exchange gifts and give gifts? Where Christians around the world go for service or Mass? or is it about decorating Orchard roads with colorful lightings? OR is it about CHRIST for whom without HIM this day won't come about?

But what does Christmas means to you?

As usual family and friends came tgt to celebrate this once a year joyous  occasion. I guess I can't help but feel ever so happy to have all my family sitting around occupying all the rooms in my home and just simply enjoying each others Presence. 

Every year it is nv a short coming of cousins asking me what I would like for Christmas and it is such a sweet gesture. But somehow this year's christmas seems to be different. A little short of something. Probably this year I am short of someone who would love and manjah me and spend time with me in the house from 12 pm - night. 


Certainly as much as I wish for certain things to go my way none-the-lease, God has his way of loving me, my friends who came just made my life a perfect paradise. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflection on Bible - Children

Have you ever carried a child in your hands and even at times fumble coz you do not know how and which way to carry them or even worry that you're too boney and they will not feel comfortable? I have !! When my Godson and God Daughter came to birth, I tried to carry them, But i was scared... I was scared I might drop them, I scared the way I carried them might be uncomfortable for them. The life in my hands was so fragile and needed so much care. But despite all these, I had a higher worry... how am I suppose to be a Good role model to them?

Today's Gospel spoke of Elizabeth was going to be bearing a child in her old age. At first when reading this passage, I thought to myself, about how it was going to be difficult for her coz she is old, what would happen to the child if the couple had passed on? What would happen of the child? Who would guide and lead him? All this questions ran through my head and also how could this even be possible for her in her old age conceive a child and not be at risk of a down-syndrome kid.

The more I reflected the more I recall about my life... I have always wanted to be married at the age of 21years old and have a kid of my own by 22 years. Firstly so that I do not have a large age gap with him / her and I can see them grow up till they are much older and I can still spend retirement seeing them work/ married and have kids of their own. But I guess HE has HIS plans for me. I didn't manage to get married at 21 years but neither did I have my own kids at 22years ... But God in his own sense of humor gave me a not just 1 child but a whole class-full of children. Yes to me these kids are my babies and I have seen them grown up. They are none other than my current form class 4T1. In my 1st year in this School I was teaching them IT lessons as a trainer and I saw these kids as they grew... though not their form teacher at that point, I held a strong sense of attachment to them. 2 years went by and finally I became their form teacher in Sec 3 - Sec 4.

Watching them grow up, go through relationships, friendships, it is as though watching my own babies learning to walk and bringing them to school on their 1st day of school and watching them make friends and coming home making sure they study and do their homework.

I may not be very old now but I certainly feel like these babies granted to me by HIM has made me proud... Coz just like any parents seated behind them today, I saw my kids Pass through Sec 4 and moving on in their lives. Yeah life from now on is going to be on their own, they have their Family there always but they too have to go out to look for survival.

Today as I sat on the chair watching each and everyone of them coming up to collect their results, I felt as though I am too at the same time passing them the "KEY to LIFE" I'm Happy for them at the same time Worried (like all parents) But I am going to trust them to do what is right in their lives.

ALL THE BEST BABIES & no matter what happens, you would always have HOME to come back to!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Natalie wedding

What makes a wedding in church different. The singing of songs ? The people dressed nicely ? A Gathering of people whom you haven't met in ages? Actually all these things can also be found elsewhere other than in church right? So than , what makes a wedding in church so different?


Firstly a Wedding in church is different from other gatherings because it is a time where the married couple commit themselves to each other. Not just any commitment but a spiritual, a supernatural commitment to love that is a reflection of Gods love. They will see each other in a special n unique way. Isaiah 49:16 reminds us that God has carved each of us in the palm of his hands and that makes us unique, special and dear to HIM. And this married couple has agree to be that reflection of Gods love to everyone.

Secondly it is a time where the couple comes tgt to commit themselves to be with each other Not in good times only but through thick n thin. God says many times in the bible countless of times "I will always love u n I will nv leave u." and the couples love would continuously be a reflection of Christ love for everyone. Each time when we are wondering whether God is loving, their proclamation of Love would be a reflection and answer to our questions.

Thirdly A wedding is also a time when the couple commits to life giving , to have children as many as they God wants to give to them. But not only that but to give Life to each other. E.g. How they encourage each other on. Giving each other reason to live for. God loves us in a life giving way. Each time when one struggles in life gets one down, they other would be Christ to help cheer each other on.

1st reading (Tobit 8:4-8): Sarah has 7 previous husband and all whom she married died. N Tobias (surely scared to bits) realises the absence of God in Sarah's previous marriages. "Now Lord, you know that I take my wife of mine not because of lust, but for a noble purpose. Call down your mercy on me and on her and allow us to live together to a happy old age. " These words of the passage lingered in me for a while as I reflected on my own relationships and I came to realization that without God, Love is as good as dead. It is not just one party loving this God but both sincerely revolving their lives centered on God.

2nd reading (Philppians 4:4-9) tells us to trust the lord, that we need not be over anxious about our problems. All we need to do is the pray, lift up our petitions and give thanks to God for all he has done. I have always asked myself why somethings that i pray for nv comes true. But I realized, it is not coz He doesn't want to give us but sometimes, what are our intentions on these things? Are our intentions true? Are our intentions Honorable? Are our intentions just? Are our intentions pure? are our intentions  lovely? are our intentions gracious ? Lastly if all these is there, sometimes we need to realize that our prayer is granted not in OUR earthly time but in HIS time.

Gospel reading today on the beatitudes can be summarized in the 1st sentence.
"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"
Not arrogant think they know every thing in the world. But those who submit to God n knows that without God they are nothing.
Today in Mass, Seeing married couples and even Natalie and Wee Long together I would wonder to myself how they stay committed to each other? How can 2 people be so daring to commit themselves to such a BIG commitment ? - Where 2 people's life start to become 1.

But i came to realize that in life, there are bound to have difficulties... in marriage it is the same too. but God will never abandon you, but he will be by you. How ? it is possible when he send our family, relations and friends to help us along these journey.

A beautiful Mass indeed it was to trigger off the meaning of truly being a Christian and a depending totally on God even in our marriage.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dubai trip - Day 5

Sunday 10 December 2011

I must say I am so proud of my achievement today. I made a promise to wake up early for the sun rise n I kept to it. As I gazed at the beautiful sunrise reminded me of the beautiful new day that He has bestowed on me and giving me the life. Certainly the morning breeze in Dubai was very cold and it doesn't help having slept in an air-con room the night before. But soaking in the breeze, I just sat there in the open just enjoying every min. of it.

We went for the Sunday morning mass 9am at St Mary's Church. At the beginning of the Mass, 2 sentence that struck me to most.
"The savior of the world is coming. Are we ready to Allow him in ?"

Henry Moore was an English sculptor and artist inspired by the works of Michelangelo. His sculptures are normally seen to have hollows (or pierced) inside of them. It was because during winter, when Moore was young, he would be made to go into the cellar to get coal. Having the fear of Darkness, each time he goes, in he would be looking towards the light and when he could come out into the light. And hence his sculptures were made to have these hollows in order to allow the light to penetrate in. 

Similarly in the gospel today, in order to put allow the light to enter our lives, we need to put away words of darkness, allowing the Light to take over so that All that is dark disappears. As we go about our day, we need to realize and be aware of what are the Works that not of the spirit, and we should not  do it.

In our lives we have seen our Christ presence, thru our family, thru our own life experiences... how a baby who has less than 50% chance of survival even thru a surgery and able to live on her life.

Some of you even may have been to the holy land or even seen all miracles around showcased in galleries etc. So than as we draw closer to the coming of Christ, let us also ask ourselves with all these in the world how can we Learn from what we see and allowing us to be witnesses of Christ in our lives?

It is my last day and I am on my way home to see my love ones but the queue makes me anxious to want to get out of it. but the time spend just chatting with my family, seems to make it go faster. Little did I realize I am in front of the queue and we have been standing for 1 hour which only seem like half and hour. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dubai Trip - Day 4

Somehow i think i am going to turn muslim soon!!! In Dubai I visited mosque so much more than I seen a Church... But at least I know I am learning more about their culture than before.

Behind me you can see the largest Dome in the world. 

Above my mum n me ... the largest chandelier and below us the largest carpet in the world. They took 1200 women to weave this carpet together non stop working for 2 years. 

The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi !!! Whao !!! a fun day here. 

The fastest Rollar Coaster in the World you ever sat and the most thrilling one you would have... 240km/h it rides and Girls... warning !!! your hair will for sure be tangled up!!!