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Friday, November 18, 2011

Graduation Night

Our Beautiful class photo tgt
 Darryl has grown up alr... a fine young gentlemen !! all the best handsome

 Esmonde, remember to always do your best in whatever you set your mind to... you know you are capable of doing ya best!!! I have seen you do it.
 Finally seen u around in our class activity. Jia you , Jie will always be supporting you !!! 

 Somehow this pic just fox ttm!!

 I just love the pics together w you 3

Our class 3 haikals ... 3 different personality and 3 different styles!!
Today was the best time i ever had with my class... a night they are all dolled up, sexy, handsome and dashing ... In these few years with them, they have taught me as much as i have taught them. from young children, entering a new secondary school career, to fine young gentlemen n ladies. I wish this day would just stop so that i could spend more time with them and just soak in their love. Guess many reluctance we hand when leaving the hotel. I can't help but to thank God for the wonderful love he has blessed me with them and help me grow.

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