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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Song Reflection - Who Am I

 During Session today , I heard this song and i recalled the times when i was at the first school of teaching and I use to play this song so often and I question about what i want. But i guess in todays session I found my answer. I do not want anyone or anything for that matter... I want HIS love and HIS kingdom. No matter how many times i may have failed him , I still want to walk back into his arms... I want to be back in that close walk with HIM. My life, my faith, my world, I want him to take charge and not me. Coz I simply have no strength to move on. I teared just simply hearing this song and the lovely meaning of it.. how we were created and fashioned from ashes and return to HIM we will be in ashes.

Recently i find walking with him difficult. The more closer i am to him , the tougher the life is for me to walk. I dono what to do ... the more i prayed for his saving grace and help, the more obstacles i am faced with. I dono how to handle, i dono where to start.

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