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Monday, October 17, 2011

Reflection of Bible - Rom 4:20 - 25

"Counting on the promise of God, Abraham did not doubt or disbelieve, but drew strength from faith and gave glory to God, fully convinced that whatever God Promised he has the power to perform... Our faith too will be credited because we believe in him who raised from the dead  and Lord Jesus who was handed over to death for our sins and raised tho life for our justification."

Reading this passage  i started pondering on my life recently and how it has been and my journey in life with God. It certainly has not been one of hearts and roses but surely I know HE is constantly calling me back to His side.

After reading the 1st part of this passage I asked myself "how can anyone be so trusting of this God that he has not seen ? how can he be so convinced of such a God? " But taking myself back many thousands of years ago, there was no Internet, Media, Computer Games, I phone and huge distractions around... the world they live in was so simple. And these people just crave for a God and someone whom they can cling their hopes onto.

So how has it change now? Why are people moving away from this same God of Abraham? Reflecting back I realize there are so many things nowadays that people can cling their hopes to... Wealth, Career Advancement etc. Society and the world shapes the way we think nowadays...

For example

  • it is alright to have an abortion 
  • it is alright to co-inhabit
  • it is alright to have pre-marital sex
  • it is alright to chase after branded goods
  • it is alright to get married to people of the same gender
  • Work comes first , forget about mass, it is not at all important , next week can go
  • I must go for my tuition first in order to score good grades for my O levels, A Levels, I'll skip mass and sunday class, it won't help me get my grades
  • God doesn't exist, he is just a mere fiction in our minds
....... surely the list goes on.

I was also slipping into the same err like any human to when suddenly I had a message at pray one night which awoken my sense that told me "Girl, I miss the times with you in pray" and I also started to realize that sometimes things are just impossible for us humans to handle. 

I recall the time when I couldn't get an interview to teaching and I told God "I know you know what is best for me, Maybe being a AED would allow me to learn from these people above me who have more experience and to gain personal experience while in a sheltered environment." true enough recently as a I prayed he gave me a chance to go for a teaching interview but this time i realize, "if given my knowledge and inexperience self the last time, I might not be able to squeeze out a portfolio full of work I have done in School. and if not for a change of P who is encouraging and supportive, I would not have passed thru this interview smoothly" Though I may not know if I have the chance to go thru teaching in NIE, I know that He has been seeing me thru each step of my growth and helping me learn and giving what is best for me. I can safely say that these 5 years in teaching , as a AED or Trainer, I have taught many students and learn from their lives. It has made me a beacon of light for his people. 

God answers our prayers but in his own time and place. It is not our duty to question when or where times may occur... but all we need to do is to do our part as Christ followers. We just need to trust in him just as how Abraham did.  

My Entire Class of 4T1 , they taught me the joy of being a student and gave me the motivation to want to pursue on this career in teaching.

A lovely bunch of boys who would volunteer to help anyone in need whenever possible. 
"Love one another , as I have loved you"

He taught me to dare challenge others in my thinking
A fine gentleman he is today who dares to challenge others on how he thinks. 
"by Canning me, how will it help me?"

A wonderful group of girls who would never fail to brighten my day each time I see them around. 

I would so miss our cam-whoring sessions.
"they taught me friendship is always important"

The sweetest girl I met in this school, she taught me to be always happy, just like she is - always placing that smile on her face when she sees me. 

They taught me - no matter how life obstacles may place in front of you, you must always press on.

They taught me love

He taught me how even kids who have "problems" can still be loving ... 
1st guy in my life who walked into my class and asked me "cher you watch Hentai?"

This guy in the middle taught me how to be a big sister to the ones younger than me. He would care for juniors in the school younger very well.

He taught me to "keep my faith alive" 
Whenever I see him in school, I would think of the times I spend serving him tirelessly.

He taught me "I can always learn from the young" a good MR boy who has experience in MR and always the 1st to volunteer his services to the CCA.

They only one guy in the class that I seen grown up personally for 4 full years... 
I am so gonna miss his nonsense 

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