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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reflection on BiBLe - God will never reject u

Had an adventurous night and I tried some things Fun too!!

Someone said to me yesterday that he is convinced that the god is nothing but an irrational belief of mine and even thanked me for helping him realize how this god is non existence ... Shouldn't I be sad hearing all these words and blame as I read all the messages. But somehow I wasn't . No matter how much I try, I may fail, but with each failure I know God is making me more and more aware of his true existence and love.

"I ask, then, has God rejected his people?
Of course not!
For I too am a child of Israel, a descendant of Abraham,
of the tribe of Benjamin.
God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew."

I guess no matter how far u run, how unfaithful to HIM u may choose to be or how much u choose to reject GOD ... HE on the other hand will NEVER reject u! He will always be Faithful to u awaiting ya return.

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