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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Reflection of Bible - Ask, Seek, Knock

"Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be open to you."

I prayed for a interview session and a chance to be a teacher every single week when i go church.
Today is the big day of my career path... i took a step closer to teacher. As many friends i know can't wait to quit and can't wait to get out of it ... i wan to head straight into it.

Why do I want to join? 
Aspire to be like all the teachers that are in Siglap and all those who have taught me in SJC n OLGC.. their love and passion for teaching.
Beauty they possess inside, to help uncover it and help them realize
Children are our future
Diamond in a making
Enjoy teaching and I enjoy seeing kids learn.
Fulfilling Career Path ... read on and you will know why.
Glittery Sparkly eyes when you see them understand and learn
Happy to see them each day , I can't wait to get dressed in the morning and get to school to be with them
Impart Values, my schools, family and friends taught me... i want to share with them
Jokes (lame or funny) just tickles me even when I am angry w them.
Knowledge i have that i want to impart to them
Love to be with them and journey with them
Marking their books, journals and homework ... many find it tiring and chore,... i find it fun seeing them do their homework and an honor to get to mark their books.
Never want to put them down but continue to build them up
Obedience to parents, to authority are values to inculcate at a young age.
Punishing them with lame things .. so i don't smash their pride... yet at the same time helping them realize that they are doing wrong things... walking around assembly area, touching the wall etc....
Quitting! The min. i decided to want to teach... nv thought of quitting at all
Reason why I am here... even if i am sick, i will want to drag myself to school
Share my experiences in life, building their foundation in studies and character.
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Understanding lesson in a fun way ... interactive way too... Blogs, Internet, Games, Quizzes etc.
Values driven students are trained from young ...
Who is my greatest teacher... Jesus Christ my teacher.. coz his taught me love when he stretch his hands out on the cross when he died.
X-ray eyes I have to tell how each one is feeling... coz their feelings matters to me a lot.
You can never imagine what joy you will have to just have these kids can just bring a smile to you bad day with their innocences.... nope they are no "monsters"
Zeal to teach ever since Secondary 2

I went for the interview today and I am grateful to those who have given me advice, supported me and prayed for me ... coz I was seriously very scared and opportunities like this do not pass me by that often.
Kinda questions they ask me...

After the interview , I came back and I knock out flat till 8pm ... oh man !! I guess the past few days my brain was nothing but the interview.

Lastly... never doubt the power of prayers coz... he is there, he listens and he answers, as long as you are willing to ask, seek and knock.

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