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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new room

My parents just told me recently that I am going to get a new room makeover
I guess I am just like a small kid happy to meet her new toy , I am all excited and I want to redecorate my room and make it all modern n contemporary- it is already now though.
It is only after I got all hype up about the room that I realize there is such a thing as modern contemporary.
It kinda reminded me about my own faith Coz it is only when I took the step to know and b close to Him that I knew him better. Nowadays I feel so far frm him, I felt that I have drifted and have not been taking the step to know him ... My child like eagerness has been fading and I really want to be close to him ...
Recognizing the problem Is one but doing something about it is the best!!

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