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Monday, September 19, 2011

"It could be worse"

Today father Yim's sermon talks about a very interesting phrase and I tot that it was really nice . "It could be worse"

When i was young , we always think that dad and mum was bias coz they give brother better toys but I get second hand toys. And he was always
When I was older , I also continue thinking that they were bias, brother has iPod. Wat I get? iron "eye"soar

He was sharing with us that There was this priest who love to say "Thank god it could b worse " so one day a parishioner came up to him and shared his dream
" father last night i had a dream , I dreamt that I keep falling and I reached hell. " and the priest said "Thank god it could b worse " the man ask why . The priest said " it could be worse ... It might b real!"
In work life we seem to do more but we get less, promotion n pay,
We think that Life Is unfair ...
But we must also realize that What we criticize now , we will be in future
Eg : complain about late coming , we will be late sometimes - these people felt rejected helpless. It is not their way that they are late.... It could b worse - they don't come
Eg : complain about boss but when we get promoted we will also be complaint about . - it could be worse might get retrench
Hence we must always have :
Heart of gratitude , want live out our lives gods ways and not ours

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