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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie review

Sun WuKong Episode 1 - Human Living

It was talking about how A Monkey was born thru a stone thru special powers and his seeking in life for something greater. When his foster parents past on he was looking for something that would help him attain eternal life. What about us? do we ourselves sometimes search for eternal life too?

So on he went into the world and he starts to learn about life as human being and his teacher asked him one day what he has learnt from his years in the mortal world - he starts by saying he realized that people do not do things at the correct place and time and what they are told to do, people with no money yearns to be rich, those who have money yearn for status and fame, those who have status and fame wants to have power and rule, and those who have fame and power yearns to become king of this world. Others even splurge money on alcohol , play and womanizing.

However there are people who are good, but they don't seem happy coz they are constantly worrying about the live ahead, about their kids and about their future and the uncertainty and when they become of age, the fear of dying, and when they die, all the fame, glory and status cannot go with them into the coffin.

Being Monkey he is rather smart and i love this childhood story all the time coz it has always been an educational show for me.

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