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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Have u ever wondered to urself ... When u have done something wrong to your Gf or bf and u ask for forgiveness ... But the twist is that u say sorry to a voice mail or even a toy he or she bought u! U didnt hear from him or her if they actually forgive u and if your apology is even accepted at all. How do u feel ?

Surely it doesn't feel good coz u will Nv feel forgiven right ? Coz U Nv Heard if u are forgiven and u still feel guilty for what u have done and this guilt is still in u right?

For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me
and have come to believe that I came from God. Ask and you will receive.

I guess one thing that came to my mind would be to go for reconciliation. I have remembered many encounters with non Christians and Protestant is the resiliance to go for confession W a priest...

When u have done something wrong to ur love one, u would certAinly want to have his or her forgiveness N the same goes for confession.
But I guess if u really think about It... Confession is actually not tt bad after all... It is simply an act of confessing and apologizing to the one you love and having to hear that u are forgiven ..

When u have apologiZed u would want the one u love to say "it's k my dear , u are forgiven ! I still love u so much ! " and it's that same act of words that is uttered to u from god thru the priest .

So than confession is not that bad after All right ? Than why hesitate ... go on if you need to reconcile with your creator & Lover !!!

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