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Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Birthday June Jie

This very day would be the birthday of one of my beloved cousins... June & it is ever so nice to have her by my side as i was growing up. I remembered when I was young, she takes care of me when we play in my aunty's house. I used to play "catching" & "Ghost" with our neighbours and she would look out for me. I would never forget the times we went to the zoo, played "doctor" together & even outings.

Sometimes in life we do wish we could grow up faster ... but many times i wish i could just stay as a young girl & be pampered by these lovely people God has given me. I recall many of my friends ever telling me... "hey this is so cool, you get to go out with your cousins" I never really gave it much tot till recently when someone reminded me of how lucky i was & how family should love one another.

Talking about love... the 1st thing about Loving someone is not to be Judging against another. My family has always been the place where it provided me with warmth & love. Whatever happens to me , they never judge & when i get my certs , many people in society would just say "PAPER CHASE" but to them , they are always so proud of me & what i have achieve.

On this special Day I just want to thank this lovely cousin for all that she has done for me & all the wonderful laughter & times we we share. May god continue to bless you in whatever you do with Love, Joy & Peace.

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June said...

My dearest Erica, yes I agree we are really lucky & fortunate, well blessed with lots of love and warmth fr family and friends! No matter what happens, biaojie will stand by you :) love you deep deep muackz!!! 