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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Attended mass today , it was special v nice to have been able to attend mass n talk to him pouring our my prob n listening to his word. Best of all to b able to know he is there when I go for communion.

At first I was kinda dreading to b alone but I started to really enjoy it.

I felt the homily by father yim was light hearted n today being the feast of Holy Trinity .... He asked how would someone describe the trinity if they were asked ? Who do u say the trinity is? 3 person but 1 god?? Or recite the whole creed For someone who doesn't know him? Nah... U will just confuse them more...The holy trinity is love ... Nothing else can better describe the trinity but love.

No matter what sorrows we have , what shame we endure, just lay it down at their feet. Your sickness , your pain trade it for the joy of the lord ... For they are love and with all suffering they will be there. Though sorrow may come but they last a while once we ask for their love and compassion

I felt so much lighter so loved and so much lifted ...

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