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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 love language

5 Love languages For teenagers

Recently , while shopping , i chanced upon a book called Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

It speaks of a real and happening situation in our lives at this point in time. From the recent events of teen killing teens, parents or even committing suicide and even a high rate of teenage pregnancy , abortion or even Sexually transmitted diseases . Violence have also been v often seen in newspaper articles and news reports of teens possessing fire arms.

At the root of much teenage behavior is a teens empty love tank. It is not suggesting that parents do not love their children but rather children nowadays do not feel that love. It is not a matter of sincerity, but rather the lack of information on how to communicate love to one another on a more emotional level.

A part of the problem is due to the lack of love being felt by parents themselves. Either because their marriage has been sabotaged or the lack of emotional love flowing freely from mom - dad.

Just like god who love christ so much that he sent the holy spirit who is love to us so that we may encounter LOVE ... But why is it that nowadays it is not like what is suppose to be btw spouse? What has changed ? What went wrong ?

In the next few post, I will continue to review and talk about this book that I have read ! Slowly unfolding the mystery of the love language to teenagers

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