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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Journey to the past...

Anastasia is a 1997 film shown in cinemas. This story talks about a little girl - now grown up - going to search for her identity ... a show i watched when i was in Primary 6 ... the 1st show i watch w YuQing, Sarah Jane & Mel... at Hougang Plaza ... One of the best films I have watched in my life.

In the busi-ness of your time, have you recently stop to take a little stock check? Listening back to a music video of one of my all time favourite song just made me stop and I just cant help it but be reminded of how my relationship has been with God, how he has looked after me & guided me in many times of my life when I was at my lowest & how he has held me up on his wings just take care of me ... just 1 step at a time, one road than another. He did not ask me to fly but slowly walking with me through life...& hearing the lyrics as it speaks to me just a gentle reminder of how much he wants me back in his arms, to be able love me and care for me if only i would allow him to.

I may not have the same amount of time i have as before to be spend with him but on and off he nv fails to show me his presence thru the people around me, my friends , family & love ones. Just as the lyrics says, HOME , LOVE, FAMILY... there was once I must have had them too.. why wait for it to be "was" when what i have in front of me is a wonderful family ... & why not treasure them all. Anastasia also sings of how life is full of choices , no one ever mentions Fear, or how the world can seem so vast when you are just embraced in the presence of God.

The more i reflect, the more i type the more i realise how much i missed being embraced by HIM, just sitting in the adoration room , being in his love. What about you ? How have life been for you ? How has your journey to the past been?

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