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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Backstabbed !!!

Which is your fav colour?

Which colour in the power ranger team is your favourite? Pink, Yellow, blue, red, black, white, gold or green. As you may have guessed , mine is Pink... Looking at this Megazord reminds me of the times when i was young , sitting in front of the TV every Saturday 11am, just simply tuning in to the show without fail. How we children would be crazy about their costumes and sword. Some would even name ourselves after these character & even purchase their weapons from various retail stores. Crazy as it seems to adults but these are kids who simply look up to their "idols" because it makes them look "powerful" & "strong" just being like them.

Many of you have heard of this word "backstab" often used and some may have actually experienced it for his / herself. How does it feel? Not good at all i believe.... you feel Pain, betrayed & anger.

In my life, the people and characteristic i hate most & I use the word hate is "backstabbers." The top 3 Characters includes, 1) Dishonesty 2) Backstabbers 3) Disrespect. But why the sudden talk about this topic some may say. Well that's because i have just found out that someone whom i tot i could trust has just *took a toy knife & stab me from behind*

Why the pun? This is said intentionally with this pun because they believe that all things could be said and taken with a pinch of salt. At times even neglecting the feelings of others. Hence the analogy similar to that of a TOY Sword handled by kids to be waved and "poked" into people thinking that it would not hurt.

Many a times in life we are like these kids, we wave our sword around freely thinking that it is alright, wagging our tongues around is an OK thing. Before the words drops out from our lips, have you ever considered the feelings of the person you are talking about? How has these conversation help to build the community? Is that what we Catholics are called to do? Is this what our Leaders in our ministry, teachers, our parents taught us - tearing people down, backstabbing, gossiping and spreading false accusations of another?

In actual fact, these heros do not backstab. They do not tear people down. Neither do they wave their swords or "show case" it in front of people. They are "powerful" and "strong" and they put it to good use - Helping others in school, they fight to save the world and build community, when someone is left out, befriending them.

Since these are our heros, than why than has things changed when we grow older? Have these values imparted by these heros been lost? What about our Christian Values? Have they too been lost?

Though I was hurt, Though I was fuming and disappointed, i didn't know why I kept my cool. Still able to handle myself. I tot i would have jumped & flipped, but rather I stopped & said a little pray ending off with " father help me forgive them, for they know not what they do"

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