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Friday, April 29, 2011

Trust Me!

If you walk along the road & you meet some random person who asked you to trust him, would you ? Or probably if your computer keeps dying on you & you have been staring at it for hours, & here comes along your younger sibling who ask you to trust him / her, Would you ? What does it take for you - in this age and time - to trust someone?

An Ironic thing question came to me, Why do we need to gain trust from others? Shouldn't trust be already given to the other party instead of us looking to gain it? I do remember how my grandparents used to leave the house gates open in the "kampong singapore" for people to pass through whether neighbors or not. But now, if ever people were to come into our courtyards, or knock on our doors to borrow a toilet, our heads will be wondering "Should I?Should I open the door in the first place or act as though I am not at home or Should I let him in. But than what if this guy is a terrorist, burglar, or psychopath"

In this reading , Christ is asking us to just trust him, whole - heartedly, let him be the captain of your ship as you sail through life. Even when the waters get choppy, the storms cloud sets in, he will be there for us, taking us thru life.

I know that Godson didn't really feel very happy Today but i recall a song which I always played when I was down; STILL

"In times of Challenges, don't rely on your own strength but on the strength from the Love of HIM.
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
I know you can pull through this year ! Coz We ALL have faith in you.
Trust in HIM, know his power & find rest in him. No matter how tough the road maybe, he will take you through !"

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