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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road to Emmaus

So fast it seems for time to pass us by ... before we know it... EASTER has came and gone. I went for mass with Nick and Ivy on monday. And also for confession. Like I mention in my previous post, I feel v guilty for not doing much for him. But when i was in the confessional. As I was confessing my sins, I felt overcome by peace. I dono if he was talking to me but it sure was true that i felt him say "my little one, I am still here with you"

These words touche my heart n made me feel so calm as though i need not hold on to this guilt of mine and these burdens of mine ... he has already taken and paid it all in full.

And As I was doing my reflection today, I just recall on when this passage was read in 2008 or so , at a Sec 2 camp ... I read this story to my sec 2s. I also recall how HE has been journeying with me in my life. When i tot he was gone & I was a let down , He still took my hand and walk with me thru this road of life. He has always seen me thru my work, my relationships, in church and even my friendships.

What about you ? have you seen him ? or have you heard or felt him near you recently? for all those people who are feeling a little spiritual low .. don ever feel sad when he doesnt seem to answer your prayers .. coz trust that he knows and he is hearing you. Just hang in there.

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