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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflection on Bible - Pentecost

I Saw a Ghost !

Just a random tot, How would it be like if someone you know had passed on in life; than suddenly appeared to you? Scary? Unbelievable ? or close all the doors & put loads of Holy water around the house ? or maybe for some Faint? I guess for me, I would be in a state of denial. I would also not believe that this person was real & ask for prove.

In today's Gospel, Jesus Appeared to his Disciples and said " you are witnesses of these things." At that point in time, I guess any human would be dumb founded; I guess these people would also be peeing in their pants man! but you know what. All these aside, the truth prevails, we are to be his witnesses. We are all baptized into his community, we are to love & care for one another. Not just those who love you, but those who are hardest to love.

This calling is a highest calling for man ! How can you be his witnesses; what if later people say you "siao" how ? But none the least the disciples did as they were told.. And just like the disciples we too have to witness to his life, death & resurrection. Carrying his cross is never easy. Being his witnesses is a challenge, you might face death any time & anywhere.

So how have you been a witness for Christ today?

Today is Renee Claire's Bday & Kenneth's Birthday I guess I would just like to take this time to wish them a Happy Birthday & that God will continue to cover them with his Eagles wings as they witness to HIS people.

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